Starting a business is associated with many organizational issues: First, the issue of the legal status needs to be clarified. Then determination for location, staff planning, processes and structures for your company follow. With our experience we are able to assist your organization effectively so that weaknesses in the organization do not arise.

Careful preparation is a cornerstone in a company's founding. We from Curator help with all questions and support you to create your business documents.

The success of the business start-up largely depends on the financing. On the way to self-employment many negotiations with creditors, providers of funds and investors are on the agenda, were preparation is the most essential step. These include reports, position papers, ratings and financial plans and in addition to that the conduct of negotiations. To boost your project, we analyze your financial situation and work out all relevant data for the evaluation of the bank. In addition to that the team of CURATOR CONSULT offers you to accompany you to the banking and investor meetings. CURATOR helps you as a partner with the creation of a rating. This means, we will support you to identify vulnerabilities, eliminate them and avoid high interest charges for credits.

For each business idea it must be first checked whether it can gain a foothold in the market. In order to realize your business idea, you need to be aware of your potential. We help you with the analysis and check if your idea has sufficient economic potential. Beyond that, we from Curator draw up feasibility studies and let you benefit from our management- and business-knowledge.

Starting your own business requires not only courage, but also a compelling concept. With our profound knowledge of the business, we help you to realize your business idea and identify opportunities. Becoming self-employed is often related with many investor negotiations and fundings. We guide you at every step to help you with the creation of targeted documents and provide you with advice and assistance.