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Management-consulting for established businesses.



We don't make empty promises: With us you can reach your target.

The CURATOR Business- and Management Consult stands for strategic competence, personal consulting and a strong network. Our team of specialists develops strategies and solutions together with you, so that your business will be successful in the future.

Christian Fruend, MBA

Main focus Controlling,
Finance and Rating,

Danny Seifert, Businessman, experienced entrepreneur

Main focus:
Corporate Restructuring

Thomas Lotz, Economist

Organisations programmer, Controlling,
Specialist for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
(formerly MS Business Solutions-Navision)

Heinz-Joachim Hill, MBA

Financing concepts
Rating accompaniment

Torsten Schrimper, Dipl.-Kaufmann

Strategyconsulting and

Christian Scheiner, Economist

Owner D42c

Your success is our goal!
To get your "ship" successfully to your destination, our team develops strategies and solutions in the areas of controlling, financing, and the development of business plans.
We put special emphasis on a personal and individual tailored consulting to your business: With us you will not only get advise but also active support.
We at Curator want to develop with you a direct and practical way that you can pursue independently after our completed project together. We place great value on a well-functioning teamwork and a trusting, personal relationship.


Here you can find out about our services. This is intended as a first point of contact. We would appreciate to discuss everything else with you in a personal conversation.

  • Business start-up

    Business start-up Starting your own business requires not only courage, but also a compelling concept. With our profound knowledge of the business, we help you to realize your business idea and identify opportunities. Becoming self-employed is often related with many investor negotiations and fundings. We guide you at every step to help you with the creation of targeted documents and provide you with advice and assistance.

    Analysis of business potential

    Analysis of business potential For each business idea it must be first checked whether it can gain a foothold in the market. In order to realize your business idea, you need to be aware of your potential. We help you with the analysis and check if your idea has sufficient economic potential. Beyond that, we from Curator draw up feasibility studies and let you benefit from our management- and business-knowledge.

    Funding/ Rating

    Funding/ Rating The success of the business start-up largely depends on the financing. On the way to self-employment many negotiations with creditors, providers of funds and investors are on the agenda, were preparation is the most essential step. These include reports, position papers, ratings and financial plans and in addition to that the conduct of negotiations. To boost your project, we analyze your financial situation and work out all relevant data for the evaluation of the bank. In addition to that the team of CURATOR CONSULT offers you to accompany you to the banking and investor meetings. CURATOR helps you as a partner with the creation of a rating. This means, we will support you to identify vulnerabilities, eliminate them and avoid high interest charges for credits.

    Business documents

    Business documents Careful preparation is a cornerstone in a company's founding. We from Curator help with all questions and support you to create your business documents.


    Organization Starting a business is associated with many organizational issues: First, the issue of the legal status needs to be clarified. Then determination for location, staff planning, processes and structures for your company follow. With our experience we are able to assist your organization effectively so that weaknesses in the organization do not arise.
  • Business reconstruction

    Business reconstruction If a company recognizes structural imbalance, the financial signs are already on storm, in most cases. It is the concern of CURATOR to guide the client through this critical phase as unscathed as possible.

    Mergers & Aquisitions

    Mergers & Aquisitions Company transactions are part of the daily business and yet they often fail. Requirements for successful transactions are negotiating skills, fully awareness of your own company and the desired business partner as well as a firm entrepreneurial activity. CURATOR lends you support with all M&A-Projects during the whole proceeding - from the initial analysis to the successful completion of the contract.
    This graphic
    describes our general approach to M&A-Projects.


    Restructuring Every company can get into a crisis. Trigger for this may be a strategic error, upheavals in the market or structural weaknesses. The team of CURATOR helps you to bring your company back into balance. Our specialists analyze the sources of error in your business and give you a new overview. As a partner we will support you in the entire crisis management and help you to develop new structures and an efficient cost and process transparency.

    Controlling internal/external

    Controlling internal/external Internal: In order to steer your business to your target you will need a well-functioning controlling. A future-oriented and professional controlling creates the important overview for you. This is the only way for you to have a clear view on structures and processes of your business. CURATOR will help you to build a controlling system and place it on a solid foundation. Our target is to build a controlling-system together with you, that you can continue to pursue without problems even after our completed project.
    External: Form a certain company size the flood of data and process complexity is difficult to comprehend. In order to make decisions successfully, a transparent controlling with appropriate tools is required. In a medium-sized company the necessary know-how is often missing or an internal controlling is unable to cope. We at CURATOR are available for you as a partner and offer to support you with your controlling system. The services provided by CURATOR include stepping into this breach as a controlling partner. Place the controlling, but also commercial tasks, into the hands of our team.


    Funding/rating In business, there are often situations in which you must provide investors and lenders with meaningful and appropriate compiled information about the status of your business. These include reports, position papers, ratings, and financing plans. Negotiation skills, the know-how and a targeted performance are fundamental here. CURATOR is available for you in exactly these situations to put in years of business experience. We will prepare your company's data and goals and accompany you to bank appointments. With CURATOR you can boost your company's success.


    Organization Only a well-organized company with well-functioning business processes can successfully reach its targets. In reality, many companies avoid with outdated processes and an obscure organization to work efficiently. CURATOR CONSULT helps you to redesign processes and structures to improve the performance and adaptability. We start with an analysis of the specific situation and a study of corporate resources. Based on this we elaborate the transparency of corporate data, create new structures and align business processes - All together with you as a partner.
Partner in Berlin

Danny Seifert, experienced entrepreneur, CFO combionic

  • Corporate Finance
  • Recruiting
  • Funding
  • Restructuring processes
  • Business process optimization/ Business process reengineering
  • Management distressed M&A
  • Management consultancy Seifert
  • Management Distressed M&A
  • Management consultancy Seifert
Partner in New York

Christian Scheiner,
business man Owner D42c

  • Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales)
  • Strategic Business (Business Development / M&A)
  • Start up
Partner in Munich

Michael Kunze
Dipl.-Ing. and business studies
Senior Advisor - Financial Services

  • Trusted Advisor for banks and financial service providers
  • Business-, Finance- und IT-transformations
  • Organization and arranging of Private Equity and involvement in Mezzanine- and borrowed capital
  • Restructuring Programs for the financial improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Certified Methods- and Management-Consultant
  • Formerly: until the middle of 2017 Director in EMEA of Deloitte (Consulting & Corporate Finance), founder of MK advisory Management- and Corporate Finance Consulting GmbH in Munich
Patner in Essen

Torsten Schrimper,
Dipl.-Kaufmann, experienced Business Consultant